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Beetle man is coming to a school near you

November 3, 2012

Last week The Rocket Scientists visited a local grade 6 school to tell the students about their great Canadian boreal forest and the tiny, but mighty, mountain pine beetle. This was the second time we visited this school and unbeknownst to us we have apparently acquired the nickname “Beetle man”. We also brought with us tree cookies, beetle damaged bark and wood with galleries, a plate of blue stain fungus, beetle specimens and a stereo microscope. We also brought live Alberta born beetles with us to show the students, so clearly we lived up to our nickname. We had lots of fun with the students and got many great questions. The students very intrigued that such a “cute little bug” could cause so much damage.

Grade 6 slide show on the boreal forest and the mountain pine beetle.

Beetle man is coming to class 🙂

Hands-on mountain pine beetle station set up and waiting for the students.

May the curiosity be with you, always! This is from the “The Rocket Scientists” blog ( ).


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